Owie Doll Pattern

This is a pattern for a fabric doll with a first aid kit. It has 6 pages of templates and 14 pages of instructions and photographs for making a girl and boy doll with various hairstyles, a reversible dress and shirt, pants and shorts, slippers, a head bandage, an arm sling, a bandage roll, adhesive bandages (like Band-Aids), an eye patch, an arm bandage, a foot cast, a drawstring storage bag and a zippered sleeping bag.

While stocks last, Owie Doll kits are available for purchase for a limited time at https://takeandmake.co/shop

They can be purchased as materials-only kits or as a Kit+Sewing Pattern bundle.

Also available is the MedHub PDF Sewing Pattern, an add-on pattern designed to work with Owie Dolls, and can be purchased at http://www.e-junkie.com/90379/product/507635.php#MedHub+Pattern

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USD 18.00

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